Your Role In Successful Cataract Surgery

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If you are 65 or older, you may already have symptoms of dry eye disease or notice a decline in your vision. Many people choose cataract surgery to improve age-related changes in vision. Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in medicine. Whether or not cataract surgery is in your future, beginning a regular eye hygiene routine now can improve your overall eye health and comfort both before and after surgery.

Although cataract surgery is one of the most effective ways to restore your vision, dry eye disease can limit the success of cataract or other corrective eye surgery. Bruder makes it easy for you to treat the underlying causes of dry eye disease with their all-in-one Sx Pre-Surgical Patient Kit. Your eye doctor will be thrilled to know that you are already preparing for your surgery!

Taking care of your eyes after cataract surgery with the right post-care routine helps prevent complications or problems post-operatively. Bruder’s Sx Pre-Surgical Patient Prep Kit makes it easier for you to do your part pre-and post-operatively to guarantee your cataract surgery is a success.

Why Do You Need to Prepare For Cataract Surgery?

Starting a pre-operative eye hygiene routine using a moist heat eye compress can:
  • Reduce bacteria on your eyelids and eyelashes
  • Stabilize your eye’s protective tear film
  • Increase nourishing tear production
  • Treat dry eye disease
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Tiny glands along your eyelids release necessary lubricating oils to your tears, which prevents them from evaporating too quickly. A stable tear film made from these long-lasting tears allows your eyelids to slide comfortably over the surface of your eye. As we age and with certain medical conditions, the oil glands stop working as well. Research shows that applying the Bruder Sx Eye Compress for just five minutes a day can help to unclog these oil glands and extend how long your tear film protects your eye and clear vision.

Using a microwaveable moist heat compress to prepare for cataract surgery is better than using a hot washcloth or heated rice bag. The Bruder Sx Moist heat compress has been shown to maintain the optimum temperature for treating dry eye symptoms. Moist heat does a better job of clearing your oil glands and allowing natural oils to flow back onto your eyes than a wet washcloth.

How Does the Bruder Sx Kit Help You Prepare for Your Cataract Surgery?

Bruder packages everything you need for your daily, 3-step pre-op routine in its Pre-Surgical Patient Prep Kit, which is available online. You’ll get your own portable, see-through, zippered pouch delivered right to your doorstep. Inside, you’ll find:

  1. Bruder Hygienic Cleansing Wipes to clean debris from your eyelids and lashes
  2. Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution to reduce bacteria
  3. Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Eye Compress to improve dry eye symptoms

How Can Dry Eye Stand in the Way of Successful Eye Surgery?

Dry eye disease can cause changes in your eyes that make necessary pre-surgery measurements inaccurate. This jeopardizes your chances for successful eye surgery. You can use the Bruder Sx Pre Surgical Patient Kit before surgery to:

  1. Ensure your doctor gets the most accurate measurements for the lens they will be putting in your eye.
  2. Help your doctor determine the best way to correct your astigmatism. Dry eyes can make it more difficult for your doctor to determine whether corrective surgery will help or not.

This is why the American Academy of Cataract and Refractive Surgery advises that any dry eye disease be treated before measurements.


A Daily Eye Hygiene Routine Can Help:

Using the Bruder Sx Pre Surgical Patient Kit Protects Eye Health and Vision After Surgery

Healthy, hydrated eyes are necessary for a quick and easy recovery after cataract surgery. Now that you are used to your daily eye care routine, you will most likely want to continue using your Bruder Sx Kit long after surgery. Just make sure you check with your surgeon about when it’s safe to use any products near your eyes in the days right after surgery. Using the Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Patient Kit after surgery can:

1. Reduce your risk of infection after your operation
Before surgery, your doctor will use a sterilizing solution to kill almost all (98%) of the bacteria present on your eyelids. Doing your part with a daily lid hygiene routine before your surgery lowers the minimal risk of post-operative infection even further.
Once your doctor tells you it is safe, you can use Bruder Hygenic Wipes to wipe away makeup, oil, and dirt and follow with one to two sprays of the Bruder Hygenic Eyelid Solution daily to reduce eyelid and eyelash bacteria as your eyes heal.

2. Treat and prevent dry eyes after cataract surgery
Because it is common for many people to experience dry eye symptoms after cataract surgery, you will appreciate the relief your Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Eye Compress provides post-operatively. Daily use of the Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Eye Compress for just 8-10 minutes will help keep your eyelids’ oil glands working to keep your tear film stable and your vision clear.

3. Soothe post-op eye irritation.
Warm, moist heat from the ergonomically designed Bruder Sx Moist Heat Eye Compress can help heal your recovering eyes. Heat brings increased blood flow to the area, helping to reduce swelling and inflammation. Easily microwaveable for just 20 seconds, you can use your eye mask repeatedly throughout the day to relieve any pain or irritation without having to take pain medication.

Whether or not cataract surgery is in your future, beginning a regular eye hygiene routine now can improve your overall eye health and comfort both before and after surgery.

The Bruder Sx Patient Kit- For When Cataract Surgery Is In Your Future

Don’t let dry eye disease limit the success of our cataract surgery. Eight out of every ten people having cataract surgery have underlying dry eye disease. Many people have no symptoms at all before surgery. It is even more common to notice dry eye more after cataract surgery. Postoperative dry eye can negatively affect how clear your vision is after surgery as well as recovery time. Using the Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Patient Prep Kit before and after surgery can increase your chances of successful cataract surgery with the fewest number of complications. Begining a regular lash and lid hygiene routine combined with daily moist heat eye masking before your operation is an easy way to ensure your doctor gets the most accurate measurements for your surgery.

After your successful surgery, why not make the Bruder Sx kit part of your overall wellness routine? Daily eye hygiene is just as important and easy as brushing your teeth daily to prevent cavities. Bruder makes it easy for you to order refills for your Bruder Sx Pre-Surgical Patient Prep Kit online to help you enjoy a lifetime of eye health and comfort.

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