Moist Heat Wraps & Pads

Suffering from Chronic Pain?

Don't let arthritis, back or neck pain get you down.

MediBeads Moist Heat products are an innovative new way to experience the same pain relief treatments used by doctors and therapists from the comfort of your home.

Relieve your pain naturally with Bruder's patented moist heat wraps and pads

MediBeads wraps, pads and sleeves provide effective, “Clean” moist heat. No waiting, wires, boiling water, ovens or plastic packs. Use our Moist Heat products while relaxing or during activity to sooth discomfort. Medical practitioners use our MediBeads Moist Heat products for their unmatched quality and durability.

MediBeads safely produce moist heat which has been clinically proven to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains. Regular use when combined with an approved exercise program will help maintain your muscles and joints in a natural and healthier state.

Weekend warrior? Arthritis pain?
Experience relief with a moist heat treatment


Ease your discomfort with natural pain relief products

Arthritis Pain

There are many types of arthritis and arthritis-related conditions. It is a chronic disease, and therefore uncurable, but can be managed with specialized products, medications, and lifestyle choices.

Back Pain

Back pain affects the majority of Americans at one time or another, in fact roughly 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lives. 

Neck Pain
Neck & Shoulder Pain

You may experience neck & shoulder pain for a variety of reasons – too much time on your computer or a physical injury. Whatever the cause, a moist heat treatment can soothe your pain. 

My Chiropractor Recommended Moist Heat

I used my MediBeads Moist Heat Pad on my back for about 20 minutes - it was SOOO helpful. I wish that I'd bought one of these years ago.

Patented MediBeads Technology

How It Works

Moist heat deeply penetrates to relax sore muscles and aching joints. It quickly increases circulation in the treated area to flush away the chemicals that cause pain. Bruder’s patented MediBeads are not like grains, seeds, gels, herbs and organically treated pellets used in other microwave products.

MediBeads continuously draws water from the air, purifies and holds it until microwaving releases it as “clean” deeply penetrating moist heat. With proper care MediBeads products will last for many years.

Easy to Use - Simply Microwave & Apply

Patented MediBeads Technology

  • Provides clean, even moist heat from the microwave
  • Delivers therapeutic moisture to relieve muscle aches, tension, stress, arthritis and other pain