Frequently Asked Questions

My eyes are blurry after using my Bruder Eye Compress. Is that normal?

Yes, this shows that the compress is working. This is caused from the oils released from the Meibomian glands. It should clear within 30 minutes.

How many times a day can I use the Bruder Eye Compress?

Use the mask as often as recommended by your doctor. Using the mask in immediate succession isn’t recommended or necessary.

Which side of the Bruder Eye Compress should go against my eyes?

It was designed for the solid white side to be applied to the eye.

How long will a Bruder Mask stay warm?

The mask provides a 10-15-minute treatment of continuous moist heat. The compress will feel less warm as the temperature of the eyelid increases. An 8-10-minute treatment is recommended.

How do I wash my Bruder Mask?

Wait 2 hours after use. HAND WASH ONLY in COLD water with a mild detergent. Air dry for at least 24 hours before use. Wash is exposed to makeup, oils, grease or food.

How do I warm my Bruder Mask?

The Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress is microwave activated. Microwave for 20 seconds. To increase heat, microwave in additional 5 second increments. Do NOT exceed 30 seconds. Always touch test before placing over the eyes. If the compress feels too hot, remove immediately and wait 1-2 minutes before reapplying. Apply over closed eyes for 8-10 minutes or as prescribed by your doctor. If reused within 30 minutes, reduce heating time by half as your compress will retain some of the initial heat. The mask may not be heated by any other method than a microwave.

Are the PROTOCOLD Cold Therapy Pads non-toxic?

Yes. PROTOCOLD Pads are non-toxic.

Can PROTOCOLD Cold Therapy Pads be applied directly to the skin?

Yes. The material used to cover the PADS is not plastic, but a specially chosen polyester/urethane that allows direct application to the skin — right from the freezer.

Can PROTOCOLD Cold Therapy Pads be easily cleaned?

Yes, the pads may be disinfected. They are made of durable materials and the surface of the pad is non-absorbent.

Are PROTOCOLD Cold Therapy Pads like liquid gel packs?

No. Protocold Pads are not liquid packs but rather a soft, conforming PAD. Unlike plastic gel packs, they will not “saddle bag”, bottom out, bunch up, or burst. This assures maximum conformance for effective, yet comfortable treatment.

Are MediBeads non-toxic?

Yes. They are made of all-natural materials and are non-toxic.

How are MediBeads made?

Through a patented process, selected natural materials are formed into highly durable and uniform spheres. A secondary process permanently infuses the beads with a natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent.

Can plastic gel packs deliver moist heat?

No. All gel packs are sealed in plastic and can only produce dry heat. If water is added with a cover or towel to create moist heat, the steam produced can be trapped against the body, causing burns.

Why are MediBeads more economical to use than other heat products?

MediBeads Wraps are highly durable and will not wear out, disintegrate or dry out. Used properly MediBeads provides pain relieving treatments for years.

Are MediBeads safer than liquid gel packs?

Yes. Liquid gel packs contain the following type of warnings:
  • Gel packs will continue to get hotter after removal from the microwave. Serious burns may result.
  • Gel packs can explode or rupture if overheated. Burns and scalding may result.
  • Gel packs must not be applied directly to the skin. Misuse can cause burns.

How long do MediBeads stay warm?

MediBeads deliver therapeutic moist heat therapy for up to thirty minutes. This is the treatment time recommended by most medical professionals. Application of heat at therapeutic levels beyond thirty minutes is not advised.

Can MediBeads products be washed?

Yes. MediBeads wraps and pads can be washed without affecting product performance. Hand-washing with a mild detergent and air-drying for 24-hours is recommended.

Do MediBeads Wraps require any preparation or special covers before using?

No. MediBeads can be applied directly from the microwave without the need for covers, elastic straps, wraps or towels.  No boiling water, electric cords or additional accessories or products are needed. Just microwave as directed and apply.