Contact Lens Discomfort

What is Contact Lens Discomfort?

In the United States alone, 40.9 million adults wear contact lenses. But, it is important to recognize that placing a contact lens on your eye impacts the tear film, which has both short and long-term consequences, depending on how well you care for your eyes. Most people notice the effects of contact lens wear with symptoms of dryness or end-of-day discomfort. In fact, dissatisfaction with contact lens wear is reflected in contact lens dropout rates, which are estimated to be at around 15.9%.

The good news is that there are ways to combat contact lens discomfort and intolerance. Moist heat eye compresses with MediBeads® technology have been shown to increase comfortable contact lens wear time by up to 3 hours.

Increase comfortable wear time with Eyeleve from Bruder

An estimated 8% of contact lens wearers are under 18 years old, 17% are between the ages of 18-24, and 75% of adults age 25 and older wear contacts.

And for many, end of day discomfort is a common problem​

Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress

Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress

For new contact lens wearers and for those who may already be experiencing discomfort, Eyeleve delivers consistent, therapeutic moist heat that alleviates symptoms of contact lens-related dry eye and helps stabilize the ocular surface to reduce dryness and extend comfortable wear time of contacts. 

In addition, since contact-lens wearers have three times the usual levels of certain bacteria compared to non-wearers, the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress utilizes silver ion MediBeads® and an anti-microbial EyeOnic™ fabric. Finally, Eyeleve features a patent-pending ergonomic pod design and a contoured comfort stitch to alleviate pressure off the eyes.