When To Use Heat and When To Use Cold

Using both heat and cold pain-relief therapies are two of the most common methods of treating pain. Thermal pain management solutions are completely non-invasive and have no negative impact on the body. At Bruder, we believe that heat and cold therapy products are the most effective and beneficial ways to treat your pain without having to rely on invasive procedures or medications, and we’ve designed our products to reflect that belief. How do you know which products are right for your pain, and how do you know if you should use heat therapy or cold therapy?

Heat therapy products expand blood vessels and increase circulation to the affected area. In general, this kind of therapy should be used to alleviate pain in sore or spasming muscles and painful joints, or to increase range of motion in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Consider applying cold therapy products to affected areas if there is swelling or bruising in the area. Cold therapy slows circulation to the area of application, therefore reducing localized swelling and pain. If you ever bruise, strain, or sprain an area of your body, apply cold therapy to keep the pain and swelling down. Also, be sure not to apply heat therapy to these types of injuries, as this will cause increased blood flow, swelling, and pain.

Bruder Healthcare offers a wide range of heat and cold therapy products to help reduce any pain you might be experiencing. For aches and pains in your muscles, tendons, or ligaments, we offer moist heat therapy products featuring our patented MediBeads microwave-activated technology . MediBeads heat therapy products absorb moisture from the air and deliver time-released moist heat for up to 30 minutes. This technology replaces the need to add water and is ready to soothe your pain after only 1-2 minutes in the microwave.

Our reusable ProtoCold therapy products should be applied to areas that are experiencing pain from swelling or bruising. These soft, clean, conformant wraps and pads allow for full range of motion when applied and stay completely dry in the process. 

Combining the heat and cold therapies of Bruder products is another extremely effective way to relieve pain. When heat and cold therapies are applied successively to an area of pain – a technique known as Contrast Therapy – the body’s physiological pain receptor mechanisms are altered. This causes a temporary reduction in pain levels. Apply Contrast Therapy directly to your areas of discomfort with Bruder’s MediBeads and ProtoCold products for fast-acting pain relief!

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