Knowing The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Pain

| Posted on March 28, 2016

Pain is a highly subjective experience that varies from person to person; two people might feel a similar sensation of pain, but one might be suffering from acute pain and the other from chronic pain. In this post, we hope to shed light on the difference between each type of pain, and how you can recognize one from the other.

In the vast majority of patients experiencing pain, acute pain manifests as sharp or severe physical discomfort stemming from damage to bodily tissue. If you’ve ever held your hand close to an open flame, banged your funny bone, or received a cut, you’ve experienced acute pain! Typically, acute pain is short-lived and dissipates quickly when its source is remedied. 

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is a lingering sensation of discomfort that remains in your nervous system for a very long period of time, often months or years. Headaches, backaches, and joint pain are very common causes of chronic pain, but it can also develop when acute pain does not go away after the healing process of an injury. Chronic pain can affect the nervous system and cause magnification of any painful sensation, possibly leading to a patient confusing which type of pain she is experiencing. 

The primary difference between acute and chronic pain is the duration of the pain. If you suffer regularly from a certain pain for 3-6 months or beyond, you most likely suffer from chronic pain and should seek medical assistance. If your pain dissipates within three months, then it was likely an acute pain, and it should be gone for good.

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