The Ultimate Bruder FSA Gift Guide

No one wants to throw money away, especially with the holidays approaching. If you have a  flexible spending account and don’t use up your funds by December 31, 2021,  you will lose some if not all of that money. Why not share it with Santa instead? Bruder offers several great gifts and stocking stuffers to help.

Who Is On Your List?

Before your FSA expires, put those hard-earned dollars to work helping the people in your life live more healthfully and with less pain. Remember, your FSA dollars can only be spent on your spouse (as long as you are married), yourself, and your children or other dependents. If your family members match any of the descriptions below, Bruder has the perfect FSA-eligible gifts:

  • The Bleary Eyed Workaholic
    Give the gift of rest and relaxation to those who need it most. Encourage loved ones to take a needed time-out, by shutting their eyes behind the soothing Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress. Regular use of this reusable and microwavable eye mask is an easy and natural way to treat dry eye disease, a condition affecting millions of hard-working Americans. Your gift can help deliver clear and comfortable vision, a stable tear film, and hydrated eyes — what workaholic wouldn’t welcome those?  Actually, they may enjoy an assortment of items.
  • The Armchair Athlete
    Help your athlete get back out there more quickly with Bruder’s convenient Protocold Cold therapy wraps and pads. Heal any sprains or strains that are sidelining them. Cold therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation while speeding healing. Say goodbye to dripping ice packs or bags of frozen vegetables with Protocold reusable and effective cold therapy products designed with active adults in mind.
  • Contact Lens-Wearing College Students Who Pull All-Nighters
    Digital eye strain is a leading cause of contact lens discomfort and eye dryness. Regular breaks from screen viewing and using a Bruder Moist Heat Compress for just 10 minutes a day can extend comfortable contact lens wear time by up to 3 hours!
  • The Wanna-Be Tennis Pro with Tennis Elbow
    The chronic pain of tendonitis of the elbow and other joints is no match for the MediBeads Moist Heat Joint Wrap.  After just a minute or two in the microwave, the wearable wrap delivers targeted moist heat to inflamed joints for up to 20 minutes. It’s a great way to help get them back out on the court sooner and in less pain.
  • The Die-Hard Golfer with the Aching Back
    Break the chronic pain cycle with a  MediBeads Moist Heat Therapy Wrap, perfect for warming up their lower back before hitting the greens.
  • The Computer-User, Knitter or Gardner with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Moist heat helps carpal tunnel by relaxing the muscles in the hand and wrist that become tight and painful. MediBeads Moist Heat/Cold Hand Wrap or MediBeads Carpal Cuff can also be used for cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. This perfectly designed hand wrap also works like magic on arthritis in the hands, wrists, and elbows.
  • The Migraine-Sufferer
    Tame their tortuous headaches with a Bruder Cold Therapy Eye Compress. You can give them natural, soothing pain relief and help break the migraine cycle.
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Moist Heat and Cold Therapy Products Are Covered by Most FSA Plans.

While there are restrictions on what can and cannot be purchased with an FSA, most FSA plans cover many moist heat and cold therapy products. There are so many ways to use cold therapy for our daily bumps and bruises: post-surgery recovery, arthritis, body and joint aches, bruises, muscle spasms, bug bites, and itchy allergic eyes. And moist heat is preferred over dry heat for effective treatment of chronic arthritic pain, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic neck and back pain. The friends and family on your holiday gift list will thank you for giving them such practical and helpful gifts.

FSA Dollars Cover Eye Hygiene Products

Invest your FSA Funds in Bruder’s healing moist heat eye compresses and eye hygiene products for better vision health. Far too often we neglect eye and vision care, even though our eyes benefit from a daily hygiene routine just as our teeth benefit from brushing and flossing.

How to Spend Your FSA Dollars Wisely

Many people are unsure what they can use their FSA dollars for. You spend your FSA dollars on your spouse (if you are married) and your dependents (your children). You can also use your FSA for eye care and pain relief products. That is where Bruder comes in. With our range of natural, effective, and practical hot and cold therapy wraps, pads, eye compresses, and eye hygiene products, Bruder provides you with the tools for better wellbeing. Whether they have been naughty or nice, Bruder products are a great way to give the gift of wellness to the people you care about.

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Ready to improve your eye care? Order the #1 Doctor Recommended family of eye care products

Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress

Warm compress for the treatment of dry eye, blepharitis and other eye irritations.

Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipes
Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipes
A gentle hypoallergenic formula to help remove the excessive oil and debris from your eyes.
Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution Spray -Two Sizes
Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution
An all-natural, proprietary solution that helps reduce bacteria and helps relieve dry eyes, styes, and more.