Bruder Healthcare Tees It Up to raise money for Children’s Healthcare

| Posted on November 7, 2022

November 7, 2022 (Atlanta, GA) — Bruder Healthcare’s CEO Brent Jones and Controller Matthew Bruder met up with 60 other golfers today at the Chestatee Golf Club in Dawsonville to sponsor and play in the Inaugural Philanthropy Golf Tournament to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Huntsman Cancer Foundation. University of North Georgia chapters of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and Phi Mu Sorority hosted and organized the event, raising $6,500 in net proceeds from 26 sponsors in this first-year tournament.

“Any time we can get leaders like Bruder Healthcare and others together to help raise awareness and funding for causes such as these, it’s a win-win,” said organizers Isaac Godfrey (Sigma Chi) and McKenzie English (Phi Mu). “Since my father started this company, our passion has been to improve lives through health,” added Matthew Bruder. 

Each tournament participant received a gift bag with two different moist heat compresses – Eyeleve®, designed to extend contact lens wear time and Samureye®, geared towards video game enthusiasts – as well as a discount on future purchases. 

Bruder Healthcare, founded in 1986, provides effective and comfortable solutions backed by science for dry eye and pain management to medical professionals and patients. Its products are designed to deliver quick, natural therapeutic relief from the pain associated with arthritis, muscle aches, joint pain, dry eye disease and more. More at bruder.com.

“Improving the quality of people’s lives is at the core of Bruder,
which is why this event was so important to us."
Brent Jones
Bruder CEO

Children’s is Georgia’s leading pediatric healthcare provider with three hospitals and multiple neighborhood locations. More at choa.org.  Huntsman Cancer Foundation Cancer is a nationally recognized research center and treatment hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah serving patients with all types of cancer. More at huntsmancancer.org.  With about 20,000 students and five campuses, the University of North Georgia is one of the state’s largest public universities. More at ung.edu.


Bruder is extending the 10% discount to the public

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Eyeleve®  | Samureye®

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