Moist Heat Therapy Solutions for Dry Eye

Moist Heat Therapy Solutions for Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is a chronic condition, with no known cure, however, products featuring moist heat therapy function to relieve the pain and irritation associated with the condition.

Moist heat therapy is a subcategory of heat therapy, a non-invasive and non-addictive treatment option for pain relief. Through the use of heating pads and other products, dry heat therapy is typically used to relieve pain, soreness, and spasming in affected muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Moist heat therapy utilizes moisture to achieve the same pain-relief effects, but is considered more effective and less likely to cause tissue damage. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of moist heat versus dry heat, check out our Why is Moist Heat Better Than Dry Heat? blog post.

To help alleviate the painful symptoms of chronic dry eye disease, Bruder Healthcare offers moist heat therapy products featuring our patented MediBeads technology. MediBeads products continuously absorb water molecules from the air and release them as clean, natural moist heat to provide soothing relief to the affected area. All it takes is 20 seconds in the microwave! 

Our Moist Heat Compress helps stabilize the eye’s tear film, improves oil gland function, and slows tear evaporation. When hydrated and lubricated your eyes can more easily expel bacteria and debris, leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A case study conducted by Bruder found that after using the Moist Heat Compress, patients experienced a dramatically extended period between blinks and a reduced average tear film break-up time. In other words, the patients’ eyes remained moisturized by their tears far longer than normal.

Bruder’s Single Eye Moist Heat Compress offers fast-acting pain relief from styes. After 15-20 seconds in the microwave, place the stye compress over the closed eye for only ten minutes; the moist heat draws out the stye and relieves painful symptoms. The Single Eye Moist Heat Compress speeds healing, is safe for frequent use, is non-allergenic, and doesn’t require the use of water.

By using our moist heat therapy products, your chronic dry eye symptoms can be soothed and relieved with ease. Visit our Shop to purchase and learn more!

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Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress


Warm compress for the treatment of dry eye, blepharitis and other eye irritations.

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