What The Patients Are Saying

Our moist heat therapy products are designed to bring effective, natural relief to individuals suffering from Dry Eye Disease, low back pain, arthritis, and more. Moist heat therapy helps stimulate blood flow to the area of treatment, deliver fresh oxygen-rich blood, remove harmful toxins, and expedite healing. But don’t take our word for it. Here is some of the fantastic customer feedback we’ve received.

Dry eye sufferers get relief with Bruder mask

★★★★★ Miracle-like relief from dry-eye for at least a few hours. The urging of a Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist helped me overcome misgivings about the price of this warm eye compress and I will be forever grateful. Other reviewers have mentioned shorter duration, but my Dr specifically recommended a 7 minute compress time, after heating appropriately in microwave. Consider the 7 minutes some much-needed downtime mid-morning, mid-day, or whenever you can get horizontal without embarrassing yourself at the office. The effects are instantaneous – it takes one to two minutes for the pristine, glassy layer of appropriately oiled tears on my eyes to clear. Then I have to fight the urge to admire my moistened eyeballs in the mirror. Truly, a miracle of relief for this (cheap, stingy and vain) dry eye sufferer.

★★★★★ Finally, some relief! After struggling with dry eye issues for a couple of years, my doc recommended Vitamin D, and hot compresses on my eyes morning and night. I tried to make that work with a moist washcloth heated in the microwave – but it was cumbersome, it cooled off after a couple of minutes and required frequent trips back to the microwave, thus interrupting the cycle of good heat it was supposed to supply. Then, my doc suggested the Bruder mask! It is heaven, one quick 20 second trip to the microwave, and a full 10 minutes of deep heat. I can actually fit it into my schedule morning and night – AND it is really working to restore moisture over time! Excellent investment!

Obtain natural relief from arthritis pain

★★★★★ Give Great Relief for Hand Arthritis. Got this for my dad who is in his late sixties. He has terrible arthritis in his hands. In the winter they swell up so bad and cause him so much pain. … He has been using it daily for a few weeks now and he loves it. He said it is one of the few things that really give him relief. I did a lot of product comparisons before buying this one. There are other mitts that are similar and cheaper, but this one is good because the heat beads go ALL THE WAY AROUND the mitt….so when you put your hand in it, you entire hand is surrounded by the heat, and not just one area.

★★★★ I just bought two Carpal Cuffs for home use, and they work great. The moist heat it provides feels wonderful when my wrists start to hurt. Microwaving them is very simple and convenient–less time, mess, and potential danger (burns) than having to boil water (as for some heat pads out there). It stays on without any additional straps or anything–I can even wear it while typing. … I have also used the cuffs for cold treatment–this also worked very well, and helped the pain in my wrists. To chill the cuffs, I actually just left them in my car–it’s cold enough in the Northeast in winter to chill the cuffs! I am very satisfied, and I am sure other MediBeads (for other areas of the body) would be just as great.

Vanquish low back pain

★★★★★ Help for back pain. Love medibeads and hot packs in general for my severe lower back pain and sciatica. This is my favorite because I can tie it around my waist and still do things around the house. I even take it to work if I’m having a bad flare up.