Bruder Internships: A Vision Towards the Future

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, organizations that nurture the development of young talent often stand out as beacons of success. Bruder Healthcare’s Internship Program has yielded several examples of individuals that contributed to company milestones, equipped with real world business experience as they pursue their dreams.

Thomas Ranck: Bridging Education and Experience

Beginning in new product development under Bennett Bruder and moving to accounting under Matthew Bruder, Thomas Ranck’s tenure as intern has bridged several summers while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics with a minor in Finance from Auburn University. In fact, Thomas was on the three-person team in 2022 that brought us Samureye by Bruder, a moist heat eye compress especially designed for gamers.

In 2023, Ranck worked in general bookkeeping. “Thomas brought a new layer to the department and helped with several key projects for us, including contributing to organizing A/P and A/R reporting,” said Matthew Bruder, Accounting Manager. In addition, he put his stamp on life at Bruder, with his “Would you rather” questions.

Ethan Morris: From Intern to Essential Team Member

Ethan Morris‘ journey at Bruder serves as an example of nurturing talent from within. Interning summers at Bruder while attending the University of Tennessee (UT), Morris successfully transitioned into a full-time employee role in 2023 upon graduating from the UT with a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics. Morris’ time as intern under the leadership of marketing lead Sharon Burkart (and also UT grad) included e-commerce enablement. The prior summer had Ethan in operations guided by Jennifer Klapka.

Today, Ethan is developing an improved analytics dashboard to help the company optimize its marketing and sales efforts as a member of Bruder’s marketing team. “His ability to derive meaningful insights from complex datasets has empowered the team to make informed strategic decisions’, said Brent Jones, General Manager of Bruder Healthcare and Global Head of Dry Eye at parent company Hilco Vision

Jordan Katz: Pioneering the Future of Optometry

Jordan Katz interned with Bruder from his teens through his 20’s including in product development as part of the three-person Samureye team. Jordan’s time at Bruder between semesters at Kennesaw State University (KSU) brought him to operations, and eventually to the tradeshow and sales team, led by Tanice Hinton, Sales Support and Events Manager at Bruder. 

“In an industry dependent on relationship building, Jordan evokes a friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tone, perfect for networking with eye care professionals and doctors,” said Hinton.  In fact, Jordan liked it so much that he decided to make a career in Optometry. After graduating from KSU with a Bachelors in Biology, Katz entered the Doctor of Optometry (OD) program at Salus University. He is on track to join the ranks of other ODs in 2026. 

Bruder Healthcare: Investing in the Vision

From accounting and operations to product development and marketing, Bruder Healthcare’s commitment to fostering young talent is evident in the stories of Thomas Ranck, Ethan Morris, and Jordan Katz. By providing a platform for aspiring professionals to bridge the gap between education and practical experience, Bruder is not only investing in its own future but also in the growth and advancement of optometry. As these professionals embark on their respective journeys, they carry with them the invaluable lessons and experiences gained at Bruder Healthcare, forever shaping their careers and the future of their fields.