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The Surprising Connection Between Eye Hygiene and Blurred Vision

An outdated contact lens or eyeglass prescription is not always the cause of blurred vision. While an annual visit to your eye doctor to check your prescription is never a bad idea, you might want to investigate some of the other common causes of blurred vision in your quest for clearer vision. Your cloudy vision may be your eyes’ way of telling you they want a little TLC.

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Managing Dry Eye at Home

Managing Dry Eye at Home For millions of people around the country, managing chronic dry eye disease can be a huge inconvenience to their everyday lives. Just as chronic pain

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How Blink Rate Affects Dry Eye

Although perhaps it seems obvious, there is a significant correlation between abnormal blink rate and chronic dry eye disease. Many patients with a decreased blink rate complain of suffering from

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Dry Eye and Glaucoma

No one wants to throw money away, especially with the holidays approaching. If you have a flexible spending account and don’t use up your funds by December 31, 2021, you will lose some if not all of that money. Why not share it with Santa instead? Bruder offers several great gifts and stocking stuffers to help.

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