The Surprising Connection Between Eye Hygiene and Blurred Vision

| Posted on June 24, 2023
Man with glasses rubbing his blurry eyes
An outdated contact lens or eyeglass prescription is not always the cause of blurred vision. While an annual visit to your eye doctor to check your prescription is never a bad idea, you might want to investigate some of the other common causes of blurred vision in your quest for clearer vision. Your cloudy vision may be your eyes’ way of telling you they want a little TLC. A quick and easy eye hygiene routine may be all you need to start seeing your world more clearly.

Dry Eyes Are a Frequent Cause of Blurred Vision

One of the most common causes of blurred vision is dry eye disease. Tiny glands lining your eyelids called the meibomian glands produce and store your body’s natural tear lubricant. These perfectly designed natural oils:

  • keep the surface of your eye moist
  • prevent your tears from evaporating
  • maintain the protective tear film, which is a mixture of tears and these oils

Increasing age, certain medical conditions, and poor eye hygiene can cause your meibomian glands to stop working as well as they once did. As a result, your tear film becomes unstable, leaving dry patches on your eye’s surface. The tear film helps to focus light and contributes to how clearly you see. An unstable tear film, impaired meibomian gland function, or dry eye disease can all be causes of distorted vision.

Doctors recommend using a heated eye mask like Bruder’s Moist Heat Eye Compress daily to naturally and easily get your meibomian glands working again. Simply microwave for 10-20 seconds, and the reusable compress delivers the optimum temperature of moist heat for up to 10 minutes, keeping your eyes feeling refreshed, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

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Blurry Vision? Dry Eye and Screen Time May Be to Blame

If you are experiencing blurred vision, you are not alone. In fact, blurry vision is very common—especially now that so many Americans are working from home or spending more hours in front of a computer or other digital device.

What Are Some Other Causes of Blurred Vision?

You can either have blurred vision in both eyes or just one eye. In severe cases, just a blurry right eye or blurry left eye may indicate a severe or life-threatening condition like a stroke that a medical professional should evaluate immediately.

Another cause of blurred vision, especially blurry vision in just one eye, is an eye infection or inflammation. Infection or inflammation can occur on the surface of your eye (keratitis), the surrounding mucus membrane (conjunctivitis or pink eye), or your eyelid (blepharitis or a stye). An eye injury, wearing your contact lenses for too long, or a foreign body in your eye can all cause these infectious or inflammatory eye conditions.

The easy-to-use Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress keeps your eyes adequately hydrated and lubricated so that they can better expel bacteria and other irritants. If you do develop an infection such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis, it is crucial to wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid touching the infected eye, and use Bruder hygienic eyelid cleaning wipes to wash away all debris, crust, and oils safely.

Styes and chalazions (infections of the eyelid or eyelid glands) usually occur in just one eye. However, both can cause swelling, inflammation, and fuzzy vision in the affected eye. Easy, at-home treatment with Bruder’s Moist Heat Single Eye Compress will speed healing time and relieve the pain that these everyday eyelid bumps cause. Adding in regular cleansing with Bruder’s Hygienic Eyelid Wipes and Eyelid Cleaning Solution work together to help reduce the chances that styes or chalazion will return and impair your vision again.


A Daily Eye Hygiene Routine Can Help:

How Does Better Eye Hygiene Prevent Blurred Vision?

Eye hygiene is another name for daily eye care involving cleaning our eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes. Much like flossing and brushing keep your teeth and mouth healthy, devoting a few extra minutes a day to preventative eye care can help reduce blurred vision throughout your busy day.

Using the correct eye hygiene products will keep your eyes and eyelids healthy, clean, and moisturized. You can safely and effectively remove bacteria, dust, makeup, allergens, and oils with Bruder’s scientifically proven line of eyelid hygiene products.

  1. Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Wipes effectively relieve symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, blurry vision, and watering. In addition, you can self-treat on-the-go blurry vision with the portable, individually packaged, pre-moistened rinse-free wipes. The wipes should also be part of your daily eye hygiene routine to remove all dirt and makeup before bedtime. Order refills online and keep a box on your desk at work.
  2. For optimal results, combine Bruder’s Hygienic Eyelid Wipes with 1-2 sprays of Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution over your closed eyes each day before bedtime or when needed. Easily ordered online, Bruder’s non-irritating 0.02% hypochlorous acid solution effectively cleans your eyelashes and eyelids without irritation, which may further help improve your spotty vision.
  3. The #1 Doctor-recommended Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress is the final and most important part of this easy 3-step eye-hygiene routine to avoid and treat blurred vision. The reusable and microwavable eye mask is clinically proven to help with the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes, blurry vision, and contact lens discomfort. Adding a relaxing 10-minute eye mask session each night before you fall asleep will help your eye’s natural lubrication system stay in top working order

Using the correct eye hygiene products will keep your eyes and eyelids healthy, clean, and moisturized.

How Can You Easily Improve Your Eye Hygiene?

Bruder makes it easy for you to keep your vision clear and your eyes healthy by conveniently packaging affordable eye hygiene products together in the Bruder Eyelid Care Kit. Everything you need for this simple 3-step eye care routine can be at your fingertips at home, work, or when traveling. Talk to your eye care professional or order your own Bruder Eyelid Care kit online now.

If you wear contact lenses, frequently use handheld electronic devices, or are considering LASIK or other eye surgery, you are more than likely familiar with blurred vision and dry eyes. If you are female and/or nearing menopause, you are more likely to be aware of these eye health issues.

You can save time and money by starting your eye hygiene routine today. Keep your eyes healthy between regular visits to your eye care professional and avoid using expensive medications by first trying an eye hygiene routine. Bruder’s clinically proven and doctor-recommended eyelid hygiene products and moist heat eye compress conveniently deliver effective tools for better eye self-care, so why not get started today?

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