Effective Natural Stye Treatment

| Posted on August 4, 2017

Doctor Recommended At-Home Treatments for Styes

Styes are a relatively common eye affliction in the United States affecting about 200,000 individuals a year. Often caused by a bacterial infection, they are characterized as a small, red lump on, or under the eyelid. In many cases, styes can be effectively treated at home. Styes become more painful as it they increase in size. They can even cause blurry vision as they begin to press against the eyeball. As a stye develops the eye may begin to feel sore, irritated, and scratchy.

 Internal vs. External Styes

Styes, also known as hordeolum, can be either internal and external. External styes begin at the base of the eyelash and are typically caused by an infection in a hair follicle. An external stye may resemble a pimple, but please refrain from trying to squeeze or pop a stye, as that may worsen your infection. Internal styes are on the inside of the eyelid. These particularly painful styes are typically caused by an infection in an oil-producing gland in the eyelid. It is also common for individuals with blepharitis to develop styes in conjunction with their other symptoms.

Natural Treatment Options for Styes

The American Academy of Ophthamalogy provides as it’s top recommendation for stye treatment the use of a warm eye compress. The Bruder Moist Heat Single Eye Compress was specifically designed for the effective, targeted treatment of styes. Simply place the Bruder single eye compress in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and apply. The Bruder mask will release a consistent and deeply penetrating moist heat for up to 10 minutes stimulating the oil glands around your eyes to alleviate any potential blockages and allow for healthy, natural rehydration.  

“I started using the Bruder Moist Heat Single Eye Compress as soon as I noticed a stye developing on my eyelid. The moist heat was immediately soothing to my painful symptoms, and after using the mask several times, my stye was gone by the next morning,” said one satisfied Bruder customer.


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