Reduce Pain Caused By Inflammation

Cold therapy products reduce blood flow & painful inflammation

Inflammation can result from a variety of accidental injuries or chronic conditions; from a sprained ankle to arthritis. Pain caused by inflammation can range from a dull, aching pain with redness and swelling, to a complete loss of joint function. Let’s take a look at the many of causes inflammation and explore  some natural pain relief options.

What causes painful inflammation?

Acute pain, is  the body’s natural reaction to combat disease. When our bodies detect foreign organisms, like bacteria and viruses, our immune system releases white blood cells and chemicals to combat the injury or infection. This increase in blood flow causes redness and swelling, and may stimulate the nerves, causing pain.

However, the inflammatory response for some is not a healthy, natural reaction, it’s an overreaction called an autoimmune disease. These autoimmune diseases, like arthritis and psoriasis, trigger the immune system’s inflammatory response even when there’s no injury or infection to fight. In these cases, According to WebMD, the immune system’s inflammatory response becomes destructive to its own tissues, resulting in chronic pain.

Reduce inflammation with cold therapy products

Whether you’re suffering from chronic inflammation or acute pain caused by an injury, cold therapy products are an effective, natural pain relief option. Many of us will reach for the ice pack on impulse to treat a painful injury, but few of us are aware of the science behind that healing. Cold therapy works by reducing the blood flow to a specific area, which in turn, reduces the inflammation and swelling causing the pain. Applying a cold therapy product can also temporarily reduce nerve activity, which also helps to relieve pain.

Slowing the blood flow to the site of an injury limits the amount of damaged tissue and helps reduce bruising.he benefits of cold therapy don’t stop at the time of application! Once you remove the cold therapy product from the site of injury, the blood vessels expand again in a process known as vasodilation. The site becomes flooded with fresh, oxygen-rich blood that helps flush out the inflammation in the tissue.

Bruder Healthcare has created an innovative line of cold therapy products that reduce inflammation and provide effective, long-lasting natural pain relief. Our products are designed for effective targeted therapy. Use the Protocold small wrap to treat pain caused by chronic arthritis, the Protocold half sized wrap for knee pain, or the Protocold standard sized pad for low back pain. Simply store the wrap in your freezer between use and apply! Bruder cold therapy products are washable and reusable and will provide effective, natural pain relief.

ProtoCold products deliver a consistent and medically effective dose of cold to the area of treatment, versus a conventional ice pack, which fluctuates rapidly in temperature. Click here to learn more.

Stimulate healing with moist heat therapy products

The application of moist heat therapy helps stimulate healthy blood flow, and the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the site of the  injury, advancing the natural healing process. Because moist heat therapy stimulates blood flow, it can sometimes  increase inflammation in the immediate 48 hours after an injury. After that initial window, during which pain should be treated with cold therapy, lingering or chronic pain can be effectively soothed with moist heat therapy. Click to learn more.

Stiff muscles and joints are particularly relieved by moist heat therapy. Stimulating blood flow allows the affected joints and muscles to relax, providing a greater range of motion. For this reason, physical therapists often advocate for the application of moist heat therapy prior to exercise to reduce the likelihood of injury. Browse Bruder’s complete line of Moist Heat Therapy Products to find the natural pain relief solution that’s right for you.