First Aid Tips for Athletic Moms

| Posted on June 8, 2017


Summer is officially here and with it outdoor athletic season is swinging into full gear. Your kids are finding every excuse to play outside; whether it’s soccer practice, or biking around the neighborhood. It’s heartwarming to see them having so much fun and meriting the benefits of a healthy exercise routine, but along with all of the laughter come the inevitable scrapes, sprains and bruises of summer sports. Make sure you’re ready to save the day when junior comes inside sniffling with a skinned knee. In this article we are going to share some must know first aid tips for athletic families and mothers with active children.


Any decent summer is going to contain its fair share of minor scrapes and cuts; from falling on the sidewalk and skinning your knee, or getting a minor cut during a camping trip. Minor scrapes and cuts are very simple to treat without professional medical attention. First, stop the bleeding by applying pressure directly to the wound. You can do this with a clean piece of tissue or gauze. Clean the wound to reduce the potential for infection and scarring. Next apply a clean and appropriately sized bandage to the wound. To reduce pain and swelling apply a cold therapy product to the site of the injury. Our Bruder cold therapy product line is specifically manufactured to be safe and comfortable for children. Especially young kiddos will appreciate the playful designs on our My-Medi Cold Compresses for kids with available with penguins or polar bears.


As our children grow older and more enthusiastic about their athletic endeavours they become more likely to push themselves during practice and come home complaining about painful muscle strains and minor sprains. These injuries can become exacerbated if they aren’t properly treated so it’s important to be swift and diligent treating sprains and strains. Start by getting your child in a comfortable position so that they may rest and elevate the injured limb. Apply a cold therapy product for at least 20 minutes every hour as needed to reduce painful swelling and inflammation. Our half-sized cold therapy pad is perfect for treating sprained ankles and wrists and features a soft strap for comfortable and easy application without restricting movement. Our cold therapy products are also carefully designed so they can be applied directly to the skin, eliminating the need for extra towels and clothes. 


No matter how diligent we try to be applying and re-applying sunscreen, it’s nearly impossible to go an entire summer without someone in the household getting a pesky, painful sunburn. Apply your favorite aloe vera lotion to the burned skin and apply a cold therapy product to reduce pain and swelling. The Bruder Cold Therapy Neck Wrap is perfect for treating painful sunburns on the neck and shoulders. Simply store in your freezer and apply as necessary.


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