Using telemedicine in your health care practice

| Posted on February 16, 2021
Doctor from a medical clinic  is having a video meeting with his senior patient.

As the world leans more into a virtual lifestyle and technology changes how people interact and carry out daily routines, it’s no surprise telemedicine is becoming the new normal. Health care professionals and patients alike are adapting to a rapidly-changing world, showcasing new trends that could very well stay in a post-pandemic world. As your patients schedule telemedicine appointments, it’s important to have proper protocols for your practice.

Why consider telemedicine for your practice?

  • Allows For COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines to be followed
  • Patients can be seen more conveniently, and virtual sessions can save time and money
  • Better archives with digital recordings that can create better patient follow-ups
  • Technology sets your practice apart from others

Telemedicine appointments are great for treating and managing non-urgent symptoms, like dry eye disease. Helping your patients treat and manage their dry eye symptoms virtually follows a similar process as an in-person visit, but extra steps are taken, especially when seeing new patients.

Implementation takes time, but phasing in steps will ensure that your practice and patients are getting their full benefits. Develop a plan that works best for your practice and ensure that patients are properly communicated with and notified of these services. From there, you will be able to begin seeing patients and determining the best health care plans for them.

Learn more about telemedicine and dry eye disease management by watching our virtual webinar here.

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