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| Posted on June 2, 2020

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Protect Patients' Eyes - A Virtual Roundtable

Optometric Management | May 2020

Follow the discussion with key industry leaders in this virtual round-table event outlining best practices and innovative strategies to help ensure ocular wellness between office visits.


At-home Therapy Alleviates Contact Lens Discomfort

Optometry Times | April 2020

Research demonstrates, warm compress therapy is an effective, viable first step in treatment prior to contact lens refitting. Warm compresses may also reduce the contact lens dropout rate and have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life while wearing contact lenses by increasing comfortable wear time.

Collaborative Therapies: Lid Hygiene Strategies

Optometric Management | Sept 2019

A combination effort may be necessary for treating lid irritation. The “Therapeutic Focus” column presents Dr. Whitney Hauser’s firsthand experiences, via answers to questions posed by OM, regarding lid hygiene. 

Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress Product Focus

Contact Lens Spectrum | July 2019

Doctors Cynthia Matossian, MD, Mile Brujic, OD and Melissa Barnett, OD discuss Bruder’s new Contact Lens Compress, Eyeleve. They share patient experiences and offer insights on how this new product can help extend comfortable contact lens wear time.

Ophthalmology Times | March 2019

Laura M. Periman, MD, starts treatment with patients for ocular surface care 6 weeks prior to cataract surgery for best outcomes. She recommends providing patients with detailed preoperative kits to ensure compliance. 

Address Contact Lens Problems Before It Is Too Late

Review of Optometry | February 2019

Dr. Paul M. Karpecki, OD, FAAO discusses the benefits of proactively offering a warm compress that has been clinically proven to be beneficial to contact lens patients. He recommends making the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress an integral part of the initial lens dispensing visit.

Additional Reading


Optometric Management | Nov 2019

Dr. Stuart I. Kaplan,OD of Cape Coral Florida discusses the importance of identifying and treating dry eye disease in pre-cataract surgery patients.

Fig 1_10

Optometry Times | Sept 2019

Dr. Vin T. Dang, OD, FAAO discusses the many dry eye treatment paths. Including the basics: warm compresses, artificial tears, and high quality supplements.

Bleph Tips

Optometry Times | Aug 2017

Sometimes you just want to know what the experts do. Optometry Times asked industry experts about their top suggestions to colleagues on how to best manage blepharitis.  Some suggestions: daily warm compresses, lid cleansing and artificial tears.

Press Releases

December 2020

New pre-op kit helps patients prepare their eyes for ophthalmic surgery in three easy steps and is designed to work with surgeons’ pre-surgical protocols

January 2020

The makers of #1 doctor recommended moist heat eye compress introduce a complete at-home ocular wellness regimen

February 2019

Why hygiene combo kits are an ideal strategy to overcome problems, reduce contact lens dropout and promote ocular wellness.

October 2019

Why hygiene combo kits are an ideal strategy to overcome problems, reduce contact lens dropout and promote ocular wellness.

August 2019

Stan Joseph, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bruder Healthcare, offers advice/insight on the Bruder Compress and how it should be an integral part of your treatment of dry-eye, ocular surface disease and overall patient eyecare wellness.

February 2019

The new pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse eyelids and lashes to enhance their receptiveness to complementary Bruder hygienic therapy products.

January 2019

New moist heat mask extends comfortable wear of contact lenses while reducing the risk of infection

March 2018

New Hygienic Eyelid Sheets add lid cleansing component to Moist Heat Eye Compress, plus the added benefit of keeping the mask clean.


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