Bruder Briefs: Brent Jones, General Manager

We introduced three new, exciting products to the marketplace in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to help consumers tackle two issues associated with dry eye: demodex and dehydration.

For patients suffering from demodex blepharitis (inflammation caused by microscopic mites that live in hair follicles, especially eyelashes), we have two more products to help: a new hygienic eyelid wipe and a new eyelid lotion, based on the effectiveness of tea tree oil. Research has shown Tea Tree Oil (TTO) to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The formulation Bruder uses includes 4-Terpineol, shown[1] to kill bacteria, fungi[2] and viruses.  

Bruder® Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipe with Tea Tree Oil has a 1% concentration of 4-Terpineol, to make it more tolerable while still bringing effectiveness.  And of course, it also includes the same benefits as our regular eyelid hygiene wipes, in removing buildup, oil, dirt, pollen and impurities to soothe and refresh irritated eyes. 

Ndemex™ by Bruder® is for the more moderate to severe cases of demodex. It’s a lotion with a 5% concentration of 4-Terpineol to eliminate demodex, coupled with CBD oil in a NLP technology (nano particle) delivery that allows you to comfortably manage an overpopulation of demodex.

Dry Eye Drink™ by Bruder® gets at the heart of eye care by addressing dehydration, a known contributor to dry eye. Bruder acquired the exclusive global rights in February 2023 to a beverage designed around eye health, The Dry Eye Drink.  Developed by eye care physicians, The Dry Eye Drink is the first of its kind. The market potential is substantial – 75% of the US population is dehydrated [3]. While we’ve all heard “drink more water”, many of us have problems meeting the 8 glasses of water a day recommendation. The Dry Eye Drink mixture pack, when added to water, multiplies the hydration power of the water up to three times more than water alone. It’s hyper-hydrating, using five different electrolytes. It includes ingredients designed to support a healthy anti-inflammatory response, including green tea extract, taurine, and turmeric. And the A, B and C vitamins support eye health. We’ve met with eye care professionals across the country and have experienced a lot of demand for the product, so much so that we have ramped up production on a larger scale.

Bruder’s history of science-backed products means that we invest in peer-reviewed studies for our products. Ndemex and the Dry Eye Drink are both currently involved in studies that we hope to have published within the next year.

It is a very exciting time at Bruder Healthcare. We are expanding our foundation by optimizing our portfolio and serving a growing need for dry eye solutions.  As part of our mission to become the resource center for dry eye, we are continually monitoring the product landscape for innovative solutions. 

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[2] The dynamics and mechanism of the antimicrobial activity of tea tree oil against bacteria and fungi
[3] Get the Facts: Data and Research on Water Consumption. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)